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by Felice D'Agostino, Arturo Lavorato


In Italy, official history states that the country unification in 1861 was a victorious revolution in the name of progress and civilization. They still burn stands on the fringe of this narrative; rooted in a popular, underground memory, the film questions the country’s unification as a form of colonization, still in progress, of Southern Italy.

international title: They Still Burn
original title: Essi Bruciano Ancora
country: France, Italy
year: 2017
genre: documentary
directed by: Felice D'Agostino, Arturo Lavorato
film run: 90'
screenplay: Felice D'Agostino, Arturo Lavorato, Caterina Gueli, Lamine Bodian, Toni Capua, Alberto Conia, Maria Furfaro, Caterina Pagano, Natale Restuccia, Loredana Vardé
cinematography by: Felice D'Agostino, Arturo Lavorato, Caterina Gueli
film editing: Felice D'Agostino, Arturo Lavorato
music: Enzo Tropepe, Valentino Santagati, Turi e Iaia
production: Etnovisioni, Picofilms
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