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by Roberto D'Antona


Three robbers on the run to a new life cross their way with a woman and her son and with the tragic curse they're bringing. On their trail, the mob boss they worked for and a mysterious secret organization of unscrupulous men. During this crazy epic ride to hell, a jealous girlfriend and an former-cop and his brisk methods will join them. At stake, the child's life and the future of the world. 

international title: Road to Hell
original title: Fino all'inferno
country: Italy
sales agent: Shoreline Entertainment (US)
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Roberto D'Antona
film run: 116'
release date: IT 2/08/2018
screenplay: Roberto D'Antona
cast: Roberto D'Antona, Francesco Emulo, Annamaria Lorusso, Mirko D'Antona, Michael Segal, Kavita Albizzati, Alessandro Carnevale Pellino, Giada Robin, Andrea Milan, Danilo Uncino
cinematography by: Stefano Pollastro
film editing: Roberto D'Antona
art director: Giacomo Carri, Danila Leoni
music: Aurora Rochez
producer: Roberto D'Antona, Paola Laneve, Annamaria Lorusso, Stefano Pollastro
co-producer: Francesco Emulo
executive producer: Roberto D'Antona, Francesco Emulo, Paola Laneve, Annamaria Lorusso, Andrea Milan, Stefano Pollastro, Erica Verzotti
production: L/D Production
distributor: Movie Planet Group
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