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by Rachel Maclean


Siri wakes to find herself trapped inside a brutalist candy-coloured dreamhouse. Despite the cutesy decor, the place is far from benign, and she and her inmates are encouraged to compete for survival while being watched over by surveillance cameras, 24/7.
Presiding over the group is an authoritarian diva who speaks entirely with the voice of Kenneth Clark from the 1960s BBC series Civilisation. As she forces the women to go head-to-head in a series of demeaning tasks, Siri, with the help of fellow inmate Alexa, starts subverting the rules and soon reveals the sinister truth that underpins their world.

international title: Make Me Up
original title: Make Me Up
country: United Kingdom
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: Rachel Maclean
film run: 84'
screenplay: Rachel Maclean
cast: Moyo Akandé, Christina Gordon, Rachel Maclean, Colette Tchantcho
cinematography by: David Liddell
film editing: Rachel Maclean
art director: Rachel Maclean
music: Scott Twynholm
producer: John Archer, Angus Farquhar, Jenny Waldman
executive producer: Sud Basu, Mark Bell, Clara Glynn, David Harron
line producer: Carolynne Sinclair Kidd
production: Hopscotch Films
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