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by António Ferreira


Inspired on the true events of the Portuguese king Don Pedro (14th Century) which unburied his mistress to make her queen after dead. This film tells the story of Pedro, a man admitted to a psychiatric hospital for traveling by car with the corpse of his beloved, recalling simultaneously three different lives: one from the past, another from nowadays and another one from an distopic future. 

international title: The Dead Queen
original title: Pedro e Inês
country: Portugal, France, Brazil
year: 2018
genre: fiction
directed by: António Ferreira
film run: 120'
release date: PT 18/10/2018
screenplay: António Ferreira, Rosa Lobato Faria
cast: Joana de Verona, Diogo Amaral, Vera Kolodzig, Cristovão Campos, João Lagarto, Miguel Borges, Miguel Monteiro, Cristina Janicas, Nuno Nolasco, Bárbara Queirós
cinematography by: Paulo Castilho
film editing: António Ferreira
art director: Luísa Bebiano
costumes designer: Silvia Grabowski
music: Luís Pedro Madeira
producer: António Ferreira, Tathiani Sacilotto
co-producer: José Barahona, Carolina Dias, Claire Gadéa, Marie-Pierre Macia
executive producer: Tathiani Sacilotto
production: Persona Non Grata Pictures, MPM Film (Movies Partners in Motion Film), Diálogos Atómicos, Persona Non Grata Pictures Brasil (BR), Refinaria Filmes (BR)
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