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by Minna Långström


A laboratory of NASA researches Mars using pictures taken by a rover as a primary source. How much has the role of photography in science increased?
NASA roboticist and Curiosity -rover driver Vandi Verma works on Mars on a daily basis from her desk at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Los Angeles. Her work of navigating the rover in the Martian terrain relies to a large part on images and the technologically advanced use of them.

international title: The Other Side of Mars
original title: Mars kuvien takaa
country: Finland
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Minna Långström
film run: 56'
screenplay: Minna Långström
cinematography by: Päivi Kettunen
film editing: Minna Långström
music: Mira Calix
producer: Liisa Karpo
production: Napafilms
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