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by Paolo Scarfò


Armin works as a location scout who has extrasensory powers, that inextricably link him to the places he's looking for, and also to the sounds in these places. But these perceptions slowly become stronger and even painful, gradually isolating him from the reality that surrounds him. Carlo, the director of a horror film, asks Armin to find a location for his film, and Armin discovers what he feels is "the place": an enormous concrete building, that seems like an ocean liner...

original title: L' ULTIMO PIANO
country: Italy
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Paolo Scarfò
film run: 100'
screenplay: Paolo Scarfò
cast: Federico Cucchini, Federica Virgili, F. Haydee Borelli, Andrea Nicoletti
film editing: Paolo Scarfò
art director: Scar
costumes designer: Lucia Sturani, Scar
music: Andrea Nicoletti, Lasse Jensen, Stefano Facchielli
producer: Paolo Scarfò
production: Scarfilm Italia
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