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by Guillaume Maidatchevsky


Follow the incredible odyssey of a newborn reindeer in Lapland. Throughout this one-year-long migration over hundreds of miles in the frozen immensity of the taiga, through the forests imprisoned in ice, from the majestic fjords to the high summits, Ailo will cross paths with foxes, lemmings, lynxes, eagles, wolverines, bears, wolves, squir- rels, elks and even ermines... friends and enemies. Relying on his mother’s help to escape from the many predators and dangers, little Ailo will learn to survive and become an adult reindeer.

international title: Ailo's Journey
original title: Aïlo : Une odyssée en Laponie
working title: Le Voyage d’Ailo
country: France, Finland
sales agent: Gaumont
year: 2018
genre: documentary
directed by: Guillaume Maidatchevsky
film run: 86'
release date: FI 21/12/2018, DE 14/02/2019, CH 20/02/2019, FR 13/03/2019, IT 14/11/2019
screenplay: Guillaume Maidatchevsky
cinematography by: Daniel Meyer, Teemu Liakka
film editing: Laurence Buchmann
music: Julien Jaouen, Panu Aaltio
producer: Gaël Nouaille, Laurent Flahault, Laurent Baudens
co-producer: Marko Röhr
executive producer: Karin G. Dietrich, Ralph S. Dietrich, Stephan Giger
associate producer: Svein Andersen, Kjetil Jensberg
line producer: Joachim Lyng, Bente Maalen, Eric Salemi
production: Borsalino Productions, Matila Röhr Productions MRP, Gaumont
backing: Région Ile-de-France (FR)
distributor: Nordisk Film Oy, Ascot Elite Home Entertainment GmbH, Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, Gaumont Distribution, Adler Entertainment
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