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by Michał Bielawski


In the Podhale region in Poland, the Halny wind blows several times a year in spring and in autumn, in cycles. It is unpredictable, so you never know if—and when—it will metamorphose into a destructive storm, transforming the picturesque mountain chains into a décor dominated by the savage performance of nature. Coming from the highest of the Carpathian Mountains, it moreover seems to trigger, in addition to the dread it provokes among the population, heart attacks, acts of madness and violence, or other strange effects on the women or men most sensitive to its appearance. Built much like a thriller, The Wind. A Documentary Thriller develops an impressive symphonic account, examining nature and the inhabitants to chart a mysterious phenomenon. A genuine cinematographical tour de force, it is particularly successful—notably thanks to its rigorous editing—in capturing the tension of a place by adopting the form of an astonishing documentary thriller. 

international title: The Wind. A Documentary Thriller
original title: Wiatr. Thriller dokumentalny
country: Poland, Slovakia
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Michał Bielawski
film run: 74'
screenplay: Michał Bielawski
producer: Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kępińska
production: Telemark
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