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by Ivan Pokorný


In love with a girl that smells of oranges while in a complicated relationship with his father, Darek is gentle, strong and devoted to his little sister and their herd of horses. Darek's world is a story about the joy and pain of growing up in the isolated yet beautiful Lusatian Mountains. Here, horses are not expensive specimens of racing stables but beings you should care for and love. Not even that is enough in life though, as Darek finds out nearing the Summer's end, closing his childhood definitely. However, just like any ending, this is a start of something new.

international title: Scent of Oranges
original title: Uzly a pomeranče
country: Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Ivan Pokorný
film run: 92'
release date: DE 30/05/2019, DE 11/07/2019
screenplay: Iva Procházková
cast: Tomás Dalecký, Emilie Neumeister, Hana Bartonova, Stanislav Majer, Leoš Noha, Ewa Farna, Steffen Groth, Anton Petzold, Jakub Cech, Eva Sakálová
cinematography by: Jürgen Rehberg
film editing: Michal Hýka
art director: David Voborský
costumes designer: Ján Kocman
music: Jiri Hajek
producer: Daniel Severa
co-producer: Ingelore König, Patrik Pašš
executive producer: Viktor Mayer
associate producer: Jana Brandt, Helena Uldrichová
production: Daniel Severa Production, Kinderfilm GmbH, Trigon Productions
distributor: Bontonfilm
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