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by Chiara Campara


Yuri's 30 and he's never had a girlfriend. Together with his father, he runs the last farm left in a small mountain village, but he has never resigned himself to a solitary life. His love for Agata, a girl he met in a strip club, is the decisive push that takes him away from a world he knows only too well but hasn't really chosen. Yuri tries to rebuild his life in the plains in the hope of finding the right dimension for himself and for Agata, but the choice of a new life involves sacrifices that he is not able - or does not want - to make to the end. Lessons of love is a love story in a marginal world: the world of a forgotten mountain, a pocket of resistance between civilization and nature where it is still possible to carve out a space of freedom outside the social control, to the detriment of emotional relationships. Yuri's journey is a clash between identity and desire; it tells of the need to follow the incessant thrust of our drives to understand who we are and what world we belong to.

international title: Lessons of Love
original title: Lessons of Love
country: Italy
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: Chiara Campara
film run: 79'
screenplay: Chiara Campara, Lorenzo Faggi
cast: Leonardo Lidi, Alice Torriani, Giovanni De Giorgi, Giancarlo Previati, Sebastiano Fumagalli
cinematography by: Giuseppe Maio
film editing: Alice Roffinengo
art director: Elisabetta Viganò
costumes designer: Valentina Carcupino, Valentina Moro
producer: Damiano Ticconi, Tancredi Campello
production: ANG Film
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