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by José Luis Montesinos


With the sorrow for her sister's death still very recent, Elena, a young quadriplegic, has retired to a country house along with her father. There she has the help of Athos, a Belgian pastor specially trained to help her. But the creature who is supposed to be her best friend has contracted a strange disease - and has turned into her worst enemy.

international title: Ropes
original title: Cuerdas
country: Spain
sales agent: Reel Suspects
year: 2019
genre: fiction
directed by: José Luis Montesinos
film run: 87'
release date: ES 28/02/2020
screenplay: Yako Blesa, José Luis Montesinos
cast: Paula del Río, Miguel Ángel Jenner
cinematography by: Marc Zumbach
film editing: Luis De La Madrid
art director: Dolors Company
costumes designer: Rocío Pastor
music: Arnau Bataller
producer: Arturo Méndiz, Carlos Pastor
line producer: María José Rocher
production: Bastian Films, Gaia Audiovisuals
backing: Institut Valencià de Cultura (IVC) (ES), Televisió de Catalunya (ES), Movistar + (ES), ICAA (ES)
distributor: Begin Again Films, Smart Dog
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