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by Laurent Charbonnier


1519. François 1 orders the construction of a "beautiful and magnificent edifice in the site of Chambord." 2019. The film Chambord - Then, Now celebrates the 500 years of the château's construction, narrated by Cécile de France. 500 cycles of seasons where humanity and the animal kingdom, immobility and motion, historic and natural heritage rub shoulders. The great and small tales of history.

international title: Chambord - Then, Now and Forever
original title: Chambord
country: France
sales agent: FTD (France Télévisions Distribution)
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Laurent Charbonnier
film run: 90'
release date: FR 2/10/2019
screenplay: Coralie Miller, Martine Todisco, Laurent Charbonnier
cinematography by: Laurent Charbonnier
film editing: Mathilde Louveau
music: Anne-Sophie Versnaeyen
producer: Jean-Pierre Bailly
executive producer: Jean-Pierre Bailly
production: MC4, Biloba Films
distributor: Jour2fête
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