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by Joachim Schroeder, Tobias Streck


Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I'm Sick!. A tragicomedy about mankind. Pristina 1999. NATO has bombed Serbia. The Kosovo-Albanians celebrate "their victory" over the "Serb oppressors". Ethnic hate is rampant. The International Community sends thousands of emissaries to democratize the country. Young German Anna is full of idealism and proud to contribute for a democratic change. Hustler Plaka belongs to the repatriates, who have a faible for Westerners and their currencies. Anna becomes Plakas favorite target of seduction. On the other hand Anna soon understands that her neurotic international colleagues are ignorant, corrupt and bored by their own mission. Worst of all Commander Rhaci, the alleged Kosovarian freedom fighter and darling of the West exploits the country like a Mafioso. Anna witnesses nationalistic violence, her world falls apart after feeling responsible for a deadly mistake, where Plaka is her accomplice. Up in arms the two special friends now risk their lives for humanity and against indifference.

international title: Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I'm Sick!
original title: Kill Me Today, Tomorrow I'm Sick!
country: Germany, Austria, Bulgaria
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Joachim Schroeder, Tobias Streck
film run: 126'
release date: DE 13/02/2020
screenplay: Joachim Schroeder, Tobias Streck
cast: Karin Hanczewski, Carlo Ljubek, Tommy Sowards, Eray Egilmez, Boris Milivojevic, Sigi Zimmerschied, Nikola Rakočević, David Zimmerschied, Bojan Dimitrijevic, Joachim Steinhoefel
cinematography by: Péter Pásztor, Gergely Tímár
film editing: Tobias Streck
costumes designer: Dragica Laušević
music: Robert Papst
producer: Joachim Schroeder
line producer: Jürgen Kinateder, Claudio Schmid, Maja Wieser Benedetti
production: Preview Production Gbr
distributor: Preview Enterprises
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