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by Nicolangelo Gelormini


Fortuna is a little girl who lives with her mother in an unidentified and anonymous suburb. There's something else that makes this place even darker: an unspeakable secret that shadows the lives of Fortuna and his best friends. That secret consists in the reality of the abuses the kids suffer from someone very close to them. The story of Fortuna, Anna and Nicola—in a mix of invention and reality—is taken from a sadly true story, told as a sort of “horror-fairytale”, without showing any violence, but through the imagination of the kids that often meets their grim reality.

international title: Fortuna – The Girl and the Giants
original title: Fortuna
country: Italy
sales agent: True Colours
year: 2020
genre: fiction
directed by: Nicolangelo Gelormini
film run: 108'
screenplay: Nicolangelo Gelormini, Massimiliano Virgilio
cast: Valeria Golino, Pina Turco, Cristina Magnotti, Anna Patierno, Denise Aisler, Libero De Rienzo, Leonardo Russo, Luciano Saltarelli, Marcello Romolo, Giovanni Ludeno
cinematography by: Agostino Vertucci
film editing: Nicolangelo Gelormini
costumes designer: Alessia Condò
music: Golden Rain
producer: Davide Azzolini
production: Dazzle Communication, Indigo Film, RAI Cinema
backing: MiBACT (IT)
distributor: I Wonder Pictures
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