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by Jonathan Hunter


Imagine waking up as an “enemy of the people.” This was the reality waiting for students and staff of Central European University (CEU) as a coordinated legal and media apparatus began to demonise and eventually criminalise the Hungarian-American institution. The film follows students of CEU as they struggle against their exile by an increasingly authoritarian government. We follow their stories in a backsliding democracy and the consequences of democratic “red lines” being crossed with impunity.

international title: The Free University
original title: Szabad Egyetem
country: Hungary
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: Jonathan Hunter
co-director: Lucie Janotová
film run: 55'
cinematography by: Jonathan Hunter, Ifra Asad, Lucie Janotová
film editing: Jonathan Hunter, Lucie Janotová, Adam Hushedgyi
producer: Mackenzie Nelson, Lucie Janotová
production: Fahej Productions
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