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by Baptiste Drapeau


Julie just strated university in Bordeaux. She moves into the house of Elizabeth, an old widow who lends her a room in exchange for her help with daily chores. There’s one condition : acting as if Victor, Elizabeth’s dead husband, was still alive. But soon, Julie starts feeling his presence…and an inescapable and dangerous love triangle begins.

international title: The Lodger
original title: Messe basse
country: France
sales agent: WTFilms
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Baptiste Drapeau
film run: 92'
release date: FR 27/01/2021
screenplay: Ollivier Briand, Mauricio Carrasco, Baptiste Drapeau
cast: Alice Isaaz, Jacqueline Bisset, François-Dominique Blin, Bastien Ughetto
cinematography by: François Ray
film editing: Thomas Robineau
producer: Thierry Lounas, Baptiste Bauduin, Marie Ballon
production: Capricci Films, Mon Ballon Productions
distributor: Capricci Films
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