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by Judith Auffray


An observational documentary that focuses on the Tentative Association, which helps young people with autism develop independence and socialization skills. Seven autistic people live in a big house and, together with their helpers, they fill their days with household tasks. Community coexistence offers a way for the inhabitants of the house to achieve their desired goals and the sharing of everyday work becomes the primary source of narrative. The film is a careful observation of life in this house. Actions and behaviors speak for themselves, giving space to the primary figures, not to those who make decisions about their lives.

international title: A house
original title: Une maison
country: France, Switzerland
year: 2019
genre: documentary
directed by: Judith Auffray
film run: 81'
cinematography by: Judith Auffray
film editing: Judith Auffray
producer: Delphine Jeanneret, Judith Auffray
production: La Traverse
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