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by César Souto Vilanova, Fernando Gómez-Luna


The whole world experienced it. Empty streets. A restricted social life. Listening to news reports about increasing numbers of infected and dead. A slow return to the norm only after several months. The first people in the streets and the first stroll through the city. Because of the declared state of emergency and mandatory quarantine requirements, Fernando was stuck in Barcelona and César in Santiago. Together, they have created a penetrating film collage from their everyday impressions during the days of stagnation and uncertainty and from the letters they exchanged between March and May 2020. The leitmotif of their Covid correspondence is the desire to move about freely and a search for fixed points. One of these is a deep friendship.

international title: Interregnum
original title: Interregno
country: Spain
year: 2020
genre: documentary
directed by: César Souto Vilanova, Fernando Gómez-Luna
film run: 79'
cinematography by: César Souto Vilanova, Fernando Gómez-Luna
film editing: Bruno Ojeda Molina
producer: Fernando Gómez-Luna, César Souto Vilanova
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