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by João César Monteiro


While a nobleman is away to visit and invite the king to his daughter's upcoming wedding, a strange pilgrim knocks on his door for shelter. Said visit ends in a violent confrontation and the pilgrim takes on different identities to seek revenge. Meanwhile the nobleman goes missing and his daughter has to pose as a young knight to save him. Set in medieval times, the movie makes use of theatrical sets, lyrical language and a languid rhythm to give it a unique feeling of a folk tale being transmitted from long ago. The cast is led by the 15-year-old Maria de Medeiros and João César Monteiro's frequent collaborator Luís Miguel Cintra.

original title: Silvestre
country: Portugal
year: 1981
genre: fiction
directed by: João César Monteiro
film run: 120'
screenplay: João César Monteiro, Maria Velho da Costa
cast: Maria De Medeiros, Teresa Madruga, Luís Miguel Cintra
cinematography by: Acácio de Almeida
film editing: Teresa Caldas, João César Monteiro, Manuela Viegas
art director: Ana Jotta
executive producer: Paulo Branco
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