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by Maurice Pialat


Suzanne is sixteen and is having sex with many boys, just for fun, but did not manage to really love one of them. Her family does not understand her. The father does not like her behaviour. When he leaves home, the mother becomes a little bit neurotic. And Suzanne's brother Robert, begins to beat her as a punishment.

international title: To Our Loves
original title: À nos amours
country: France
year: 1983
genre: fiction
directed by: Maurice Pialat
film run: 99'
screenplay: Arlette Langmann, Maurice Pialat
cast: Sandrine Bonnaire, Maurice Pialat, Christophe Odent
cinematography by: Jacques Loiseleux
film editing: Valérie Condroyer, Sophie Coussein, Yann Dedet
art director: Jean-Paul Camail, Arlette Langmann
costumes designer: Martha De Villalonga, Valérie Schlumberger
producer: Daniel Toscan du Plantier
executive producer: Micheline Pialat
associate producer: Emmanuel Schlumberger
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