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by Pascale Ferran


It's summer, on the beach of this little town in Brittany, a man around 40 is building a sand castle. A few people watch him. We will be told the story of three of them : a boy, Jumbo, aged 9 ; Francois, aged 30, and his sister Zaza, around 40. All of them had to deal with the death of somebody they cherished. How to keep on living after this ?

original title: Petits arrangements avec les morts
country: France
year: 1994
genre: fiction
directed by: Pascale Ferran
film run: 104'
screenplay: Pierre Trividic, Pascale Ferran
cast: Didier Sandre, Alexandre Zloto, Catherine Ferran
cinematography by: Jean-Claude Larrieu
film editing: Guy Lecorne
art director: Philippe Chiffre
costumes designer: Marie-Claude Altot
producer: Aline Mehouel
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