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by Emil Trier


The film explored how the young entrepreneur and media darling known as "Norway's Mark Zuckerberg" ends up being arrested by the FBI and sentenced to 11 years in prison. Emil Trier says the film will be both a coming of age film and a biopic focusing on Waleed Ahmed's youth and high school years, through interviews with the protagonist, his family and friends. "The creative documentary will blend interviews with archive material to underscore the elaborate storytelling" says the director.

international title: Trust Me
original title: Stol på meg
country: Norway
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Emil Trier
film run: 97'
screenplay: Emil Trier
cinematography by: Petter Holmern Halvorsen
film editing: Jens Christian Fodstad, Christian Siebenherz
music: Johannes Ringen
producer: Nicolai Moland, Thomas Robsahm
co-producer: Lizette Jonjic
executive producer: Espen Osmundsen
production: Motlys AS
distributor: Arthaus

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