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by Michael Grimm


A shrill comedy about three young couples. Uwe is madly in love with local beauty Elke and dreams of a singing career. Elke loves only herself and Toni, a musclebound athlete who intends to build her a house. Uwe’s best friend Kevin loves Tamara, who has no time for wimps. Kevin sacrifices his index finger and more to prove he’s tough. Uwe is followed by his own personal cloud. And there’s a woman with a little cloud of her own.

international title: On Cloud 9
original title: ... Auf Wolke 7
country: Austria
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Michael Grimm
film run: 85'
screenplay: Manfred Rebhandl
cast: Stefano Bernardin, Esther Pitsch, Georg Pitsch, Georg Friedrich
cinematography by: Robert Winkler
art director: Verena Wagner
costumes designer: Alexandra Trummer
producer: Helmut Grasser
production: Allegro Film
backing: Austrian Film Institue, Vienna Film Fund
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