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by Maik Bos


Secret agent 7503 and pretty agent Lisette de la Fils get the assignment to take up arms against the evil duo Boris and Tommitrich, who wants to reform the world to its own taste.

original title: BOS IS BACK
country: Netherlands
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Maik Bos
release date: NL 2004
screenplay: Maik Bos
cast: Maik Bos, Barry Atsma, Liza Ynzonides, Marthe Kolman, Joris Peters, Tom Hendriks, Dorien Dolleman
film editing: Sparks Production Studios
art director: Ellen Van de Pol
music: Erik Kramer (music supervisor)
producer: Maik Bos
production: Maik Bos:
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