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by Gilles de Maistre


A wolf pup and a lost lion cub are rescued by a girl in the heart of the Canadian wilderness. Their friendship will change their lives forever.

international title: The Wolf and the Lion
original title: Le loup et le lion
country: France
sales agent: StudioCanal
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Gilles de Maistre
film run: 99'
release date: FR 13/10/2021, BE 13/10/2021, ES 5/11/2021, DE 23/12/2021
screenplay: Prune de Maistre
cast: Molly Kunz, Graham Greene, Charlie Carrick, Derek Johns, Rhys Slack, Evan Buliung
cinematography by: Serge Desrosiers
producer: Catherine Camborde, Nicolas Elghozi, Claude Léger, Jacques Perrin, Valentine Perrin, Sylvain Proulx, Jonathan Vanger
production: Mai-Juin Productions, Galatée Films
distributor: StudioCanal, Athena Films, TriPictures, StudioCanal Germany

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