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by Per Fly


Fifty-two-year-old Carsten is a popular, much-respected high school teacher. He is married to Nina; they have a son, Tobias. Carsten is having an affair with a former student, Pil, who is an extreme left wing activist. One night Pil is part of a raid that goes wrong and a policeman is killed. Pil and two other activists are arrested. Carsten's affair is revealed and he leaves his stunned wife, Nina, to devote all his resources to supporting Pil. But a policeman is dead, two families are destroyed and guilt begins to grow slowly but surely.

international title: Manslaughter
original title: Drabet
country: Denmark, Norway, Sweden
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Per Fly
film run: 100'
release date: DK 26/08/2005, SE 17/02/2006, FR 03/05/2006, IT 13/04/2007
screenplay: Per Fly, Kim Leona, Dorte Høgh, Mogens Rukov
cast: Jesper Christensen, Beate Bille, Charlotte Fich, Pernilla August
cinematography by: Harald Paalgaard
film editing: Morten Giese
art director: Søren Gam
costumes designer: Louize Nissen
music: Halfdan E
producer: Ib Tardini
production: Zentropa Entertainments, Memfis Film & TV, Sigma Films, TV2 Denmark (DK), Spillefilmkompaniet 41/2 (NO), Manslaughter/Sigma Films, Invicta Capital (UK)
backing: Danish Film Institute, Swedish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Fund, Nordic Film & TV Fund
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribution, Les Films du Losange (FR), Teodora Film (IT)

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