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by Daniele Gaglianone


When the past re-emerges, it can prove to be uncontrollable and become another present, the here and now of a space that is contemporaneously clear-cut and indefinite, suspended within a frame of mind that can take your breath away. The movie is a journey inside this dimension, as it recounts what it means to cross this threshold and teeter between unexpected tears and sudden laughter. A reflection on old age and what you can discover by looking at yourself in this mirror, the film is the outcome of a long process of listening and dozens of lengthy encounters in five regions in Italy, in search of yesterday’s world, that sometimes seems very far away and sometimes strangely present.

original title: Il tempo rimasto
country: Italy
year: 2021
genre: fiction
directed by: Daniele Gaglianone
film run: 89'
screenplay: Daniele Gaglianone, Stefano Collizzolli
cinematography by: Matteo Calore, Mauro Nigro, Andrea Parena, Paolo Rapalino
film editing: Enrico Giovannone
music: Sergio Marchesini
production: ZaLab, RAI Cinema
backing: Cinecittà S.p.A

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