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by Helena Bengoetxea Guelbenzu


Teresa, Alicia, Araceli and Julia are four nonagenarian women, apparently common, hide five extraordinary lives marked by uprooting and exile: from Spain to Russia and then to Cuba. Self-made women and heroines of their own trajectory, their memories of hunger, cold and fear of war are mixed with nostalgia for a home that welcomed them and no longer exists, the remoteness of a territory they barely know and, for some, the return to a country that is not the one they dreamed about.

original title: Matrioskas, las niñas de la guerra
country: Spain, France
year: 2021
genre: documentary
directed by: Helena Bengoetxea Guelbenzu
film run: 74'
screenplay: Helena Bengoetxea Guelbenzu
cinematography by: Iñaki Alforja
film editing: Joselu Castro, Helena Bengoetxea Guelbenzu
music: Pascal Gaigne
producer: Dabid Berraondo, Isabelle Neuvialle, Rubén Marcilla
production: SINCRO Producción, Pyramide Production, Haruru Filmak

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