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by Marjolein Busstra


We don’t talk is an intriguing documentary of in-depth conversations between therapists and youngsters who are entangled in the complex network of sexual violence and exploitation. It takes us into the inner struggle of four characters in their process to break free from this world. The film offers an intimate insight into their reminisce of their experiences and process of extrication, where their distorted self-judgment of guilt and shame holds them captive.

international title: We don’t talk
original title: Wij praten niet
country: Netherlands
year: 2022
genre: documentary
directed by: Marjolein Busstra
film run: 75'
cinematography by: Marjolein Busstra, Dionne Cats
film editing: Saskia Kievits
music: Jesse Koolhaas
producer: Olivia van Leeuwen
executive producer: Marieke Konijn
line producer: Lotte Gerding
production: Halal

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