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by Ligia Ciornei


The year 1986 is the time when several women from northern Bukovina, from Iasi, Vrancea and Tulcea, were forced to have abortions in inhumane conditions, although abortion was forbidden. Much later, news arrived in Romania that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had exploded, exposing the population of the northeast of the country to high levels of radiation and increasing the cases of newborns with deformities. The Romanian Communist Party strongly condemned both women who had abortions and children born with deformities. They were placed in special centers where they were allowed to die, and their parents did not have the right to see or care for them. Irina, played by Isabela Neamțu, is the mirror image of a woman who had to face this moral dilemma – to have an abortion and risk imprisonment. To keep the pregnancy and take the baby if it is born with deformities. Or to keep the child and risk the freedom of the mother-in-law. – Although in the real story the woman lost the fight and the child, and the mother-in-law was able to convince her that the radiation endangered her life, Irina’s character brings to the fore a heroine who faces some sacrifices and obstacles that she overcomes by choosing freedom.

international title: Clouds of Chernobyl
original title: Anul pierdut 1986
working title: 1986: The Lost Year
country: Romania
year: 2022
genre: fiction
directed by: Ligia Ciornei
release date: RO 24/06/2022
screenplay: Ligia Ciornei
cast: Isabela Neamtu, Victoria Cocias, Oana Puscatu, Anastasia Simion, Emil Badea Radu, Sabin Simion, Gavril Patru, Valer Dellakeza
cinematography by: Dan Dimitriu
film editing: Alice Furdui
producer: Ligia Ciornei, Dan Dimitriu

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