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by Marc Rothemund


February 1943: Sophie Scholl, a young student in the group 'White Rose', is arrested as well as her brother at the University of Munïch. The interrogation by the Gestapo which follows turns into a psychological confrontation between the young agitprop and the inquisitor, Robert Mohr. She ends up winning, at the price of her life, and her brother's. Rothemund's film, based on historical facts, describes the last days of a young girl who embodies resistance against the Nazi horror, freedom, and courage, up to the end.

international title: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
original title: Sophie Scholl: Die Letzen Tage
country: Germany
sales agent: Global Screen GmbH (a brand of Telepool GmbH)
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Marc Rothemund
film run: 117'
release date: DE 24/02/2005, AT 27/02/2005, CH 17/03/2005, LU 19/03/2005, PT 26/05/2005, SE 01/09/2005, BE 07/09/2005, NL 11/09/2005, DK 22/09/2005, FI 23/09/2005, EE 28/10/2005, IT 28/10/2005, UK 28/10/2005, PL 18/11/2005, SI 18/11/2005, NO 27/01/2006, FR 12/04/2006
screenplay: Fred Breinersdorfer
cast: Julia Jentsch, Fabian Hinrichs, Gerald Alexander Held, André Hennicke, Florian Stetter, Johanna Gastdorf, Maximilian Brückner
cinematography by: Martin Langer
film editing: Hans Funck
art director: Jana Karen-Brey
costumes designer: Natascha Curtius-Noss
music: Reinhold Heil, Johnny Klimek
producer: Marc Rothemund, Fred Breinersdorfer, Christoph Müller, Sven Burgemeister
production: Goldkind Film, ARTE
backing: Bayerischer Rundfunk, Süd-West Rundfunk, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Filmförderungsanstalt FFA, BKM, MEDIA Plus
distributor: X Verleih, Cinemien (LU/BE/NL), Prisvideo Edicoes (PT), Atlantic (SE), Miracle Film (DK), Future Film Oy (FI), Estinfilm (EE), Istituto Luce (IT), ICA Projects (UK), Kino Swiat (PL), Cinemania Group (SI), Oro Film (NO) Best Hollywood (HU), Lola Films (ES), Les Acacias (FR), 2-1-0 Films (GR)
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