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by Katarína Šulajová


Zuzana is a prototype of the post-communist generation that has long forgotten (if they ever knew) the past of its parents. She is young, dynamic and wants to get everything possible out of life. Dubbing cheap soap series earns her money, and money gives her the possibility to enjoy life and travel. Her only trouble is a feeling of unrest, a search for something more, or something new. The new world of Zuzana contrasts starkly with the old world of her grandmother, an inhabitant of the old Bratislava, a witness of the times when people used to speak three languages there.

international title: Two Syllables Behind
original title: O dve slabiky pozadu
country: Slovakia, Czech Republic
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Katarína Šulajová
film run: 84'
release date: SK 10/02/2005, CZ 19/01/2006
screenplay: Katarína Šulajová
cast: Zuzana Šulajová, Marek Majeský, Anna Ferenczy, Mikulás Kren, Ivan Romancík, Tána Radeva, Pierre-Philippe Deleau, Marica Bálintová
cinematography by: Alexander Šurkala
film editing: Barbora Passová
music: Jan P. Muchow
producer: Patrik Pašš
production: Trigon Productions
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