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by Oliver Hirschbiegel


Berlin, April 1945. A nation awaits its downfall. Fighting rages in the streets of the capital. Hitler and his closest confidantes have barricaded themselves in the Fuehrer's bunker. Among them Traudl Junge, Hitler's private secretary. Outside the situation escalates. Although Berlin can no longer be held, the Fuehrer refuses to leave the city. While the full force of the war crashes down over his folk, he stages his final departure. Only hours before their joint suicide, he marries Eva Braun. Then their corpses are burned so that they do not fall into the hands of the enemy. Many others also choose suicide. As the situation becomes ever more hopeless, Magda Goebbels poisons her six children before she and her husband take their own lives. Shortly thereafter, Traudl Junge and several others manage to escape at the last minute...

international title: Downfall
original title: Der Untergang
country: Germany, Italy, Austria
sales agent: EOS Distribution GmbH
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel
film run: 156'
release date: DE 16/09/2004, AT 17/09/2004, FR 05/01/2005, BE 12/01/2005, ES 18/02/2005, UK 01/04/2005, IT 29/04/2005
screenplay: Bernd Eichinger
cast: Bruno Ganz, Juliane Köhler, Alexandra Maria Lara, Corinna Harfouch, Ulrich Matthes, Heino Ferch, Thomas Kretschmann, Justus von Dohnányi
cinematography by: Rainer Klausmann
film editing: Hans Funck
art director: Bernd Lepel, Gregor Mager, Joachim Keppler
costumes designer: Claudia Bobsin
music: Stephan Zacharias
producer: Bernd Eichinger
production: Constantin Film AG, ARD Degeto Film GMBH, EOS Entertainment (DE), Rai Cinemafiction (IT)
backing: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Österreichischer Rundfunk
distributor: Constantin Film, Constantin Film Verleih, TFM Distribution, Cinéart, DeAPlaneta, Momentum Pictures, 01 Distribution, Bontonfilm, Monolith Films
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