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PEAS AT 5:30

by Lars Buechel


It all starts with a bang. The car breaks through the crash barrier and falls off the bridge. The lights go out. After that, Jakob is not able to see anymore. His optic nerve is severed, from now on the young stage-director Jakob is blind. His life will change and nothing will ever be the same. He cannot handle the idea of never being able to see again and screams at the only woman who is able and willing to help him, Lily. A rehabilitation teacher, she helps the blind deal with the darkness. Lily has been living with it since birth, she too is blind.

international title: Peas at 5:30
original title: Erbsen auf halb 6
country: Germany
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Lars Buechel
film run: 111'
screenplay: Ruth Toma
cast: Fritzi Haberlandt, Hilmir Snær Guðnason, Tina Engel, Harald Schrott, Jenny Groellmann
cinematography by: Judith Kaufmann
film editing: Peter R. Adam
art director: Christoph Kanter
music: Max Berghaus, Dirk Reichardt, Stefan Hansen
producer: Hanno Huth, Ralf Zimmermann
production: Senator Film Produktion, Mr. Brown Entertainment Filmproduction
backing: FilmFoerderung Hamburg, Filmförderungsanstalt FFA , BKM, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Gesellschaft zur Foerderung audiovisueller Werke in Schleswig-Holstein, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
distributor: Senator Filmverleih