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by Augustin Burguer


Marseille. 1957. This city is the destination for many political refugees from the Mediterranean region. Jeanne is part of a group of Spaniards fleeing from Franco's regime after the Spanish Civil War. Now Jeanne is married and has a son. One day she meets Ali who is an activist on the National Liberation Front. Ali asks Jeanne to get a secret document to an organization of Algerian workers. Jeanne accepts and little by little her commitment to the activists deepens. Meetings between Ali and Jeanne become more frequent. The Algerian War becomes more cruel. And in the middle of all this a passionate love grows between the two of them.

international title: BEFORE WE FORGET
original title: AVANT L'OUBLI
country: France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Augustin Burguer
film run: 99'
screenplay: Augustin Burguer
cast: Nieve de Medina (Jeanne), Sami Bouajila (Ali), Frédéric Pierrot (Pierre), Marie Vialle (Marie-Louise), Hammou Grata (Bouziane), Abel Jafri (Abdallah),Zakarya Gouram (Salah)
cinematography by: Bruno de Keyser
music: Huges Tabar-Nouval
producer: Jérôme Vidal, Chris Curling, Jacques-Henri Bronckart, Elías Querejeta
production: Quo Vadis Cinéma, Zephyr Films, Versus Production, Elias Querejeta P.C., S.L. (ES), Canal +, Arte France Cinéma (FR)
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