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by Luis Llosa


Santo Domingo, 1992. Urania Cabral returns to her hometown. It is her father, Augustin Cabral, alias “Brain”, who is now President of the Senate and right hand man of Trujillo, the dictator during many, many years until he fell into disgrace. Urania remembers all this 30 years later. She talks about it with her aunt and cousins who don´t understand why she didn´t come to see them or her own father for so many years. Finally, she will confess the terrible secret that kept her away from home and family forever, a secret that destroyed her life. Based on the passionate novel by Mario Vargas Llosa, the film is about a tremendous personal drama combined with a political conspiracy, a historic gesture, and a tragic ending that marked a new era in the history of the Dominican Republic.

international title: The Feast of the Goat
original title: La fiesta del chivo
country: Spain, United Kingdom
sales agent: IAC Films
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Luis Llosa
film run: 132'
release date: ES 03/03/2006, DE 18/01/2007
screenplay: Juan Diego Botto, Augusto Cabada, Luis Llosa
cast: Isabella Rossellini, Paul Freeman, Tomas Milian, Stephanie Leonidas
cinematography by: Javier Salmones
film editing: Alejandro Lázaro
art director: Salvador Parra
costumes designer: Sabine Daigeler
music: Stephen Warbeck
producer: Andrés Vicente Gómez, José Manuel Garasino, Albert Martinez Martin
production: Lolafilms, Future Films Limited
distributor: NonStop Entertainment (Scandinavia/IS)
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