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by Carsten Myllerup


Oskar and Josefine are celebrating Midsummer with Oskar's grandparents in the country. A demon, Thorsen, gives Josefine the gift of enabling her to time travel. Visiting Oskar's family in the 17th century, Josefine saves a sickly young girl from the stake. But now the villagers see Josefine as a witch and want to burn her at the stake instead.

international title: Oskar & Josefine
original title: Oskar og Josefine
country: Denmark
sales agent: Nordisk Film International Sales
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: Carsten Myllerup
film run: 85'
release date: DK 11/02/2005
screenplay: Bo Hr. Hansen, Nicolaj Scherfig
cast: Pernille Kaae Høier, Mikkel Konyher, Adam Gilbert Jespersen, Kjeld Nørgaard
cinematography by: Henrik Kristensen
film editing: Christin Illeborg
art director: Camilla Bjørnvad
costumes designer: Louize Nissen
music: Lars Daniel Terkelsen
producer: Tomas Hostrup-Larsen, Rasmus Thorsen
production: Cosmo Film
distributor: SF Studios Denmark
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