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by François Rotger


Naoki Sando, a Yakusa chief, has taken the young Kohni under his wing. One day he discovers that his daughter and Kohji are madly in love, so he rebuffs Kohji and sends him away. Years later, Kohji learns that Tanner, Sando's former partner, has taken off to Montreal with the rabbit race winnings belonging to the Japonese Mafia. Sando feels threatened by the Yakusa chiefs who want to retrieve their money and asks Kohji to track down Tanner. Hoping to get back in the family's favor, Kohji takes off in his pursuit...

international title: THE PASSENGER
original title: THE PASSENGER
country: France, Canada, Japan
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2005
genre: fiction
directed by: François Rotger
film run: 88'
release date: FR 12/07/2006
screenplay: François Rotger
cast: Yusuke Iseya, Gabrielle Lazure, François Trottier, Kumi Kaneko, Yosuke Natsuki, Roy Kase, Veroushka Knoge
cinematography by: Georges Lachaptois
film editing: Nathalie Langlade, Julie Decondé
music: Dan Levy, Irina Lazareanou
producer: Tom Dercourt
production: Les Films à Un Dollar, River Films (JP), Aviva Communications, Les Films de l'Isle (CA)
distributor: Shellac Distribution
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