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by Nasser Bakhti


Geneva, 24 hours in the life of five people, none of whom fit into Geneva’s postcard image as a city of privilege. Hans an old cop exhausted by life and a divorce he did not expect at all. Adé, a young Malian who dreams of becoming a famous football star, but has to hide and to work illegally for now. Momo, who has abandoned his studies to become a garbage collector in order to support his family in Algeria, but cannot bring himself to tell them the truth about his new life. And then there is Claire, a young Swiss woman, lost and erring in the night. Annihilated by the use of drugs.. A chronicle where the destinies of locals and foreigners will cross, collide, between doubt, dignity, indifference, violence, and humanity… A night revealing to each one of them what he wanted to hide or did not want to see.

international title: Night Shadows
original title: Aux frontières de la nuit
country: Switzerland
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Nasser Bakhti
film run: 108'
release date: CH 20/09/2006
screenplay: Nasser Bakhti
cast: Martin Huber, Damanta Diarra, Hicham Alhayat, Madeleine Piguet, Gaspard Boesch, Irène Godel, Sabrina Martin, Frédéric Landenberg, Alfredo Gnasso
cinematography by: Aldo Mugnier
film editing: Béatrice Bakhti
art director: Ivan Niclass
costumes designer: Françoise Nicolet
music: El Hadj N’Diaye, Tiken Jah Fakoli, Stimmhorn, Naiche Barbaglia, Nasser Bakhti
producer: Nasser Bakhti, Philippe Berthet, Jean-Claude Peterschmitt
production: Troubadour Films, RTS - Radio Télévision Suisse
distributor: Frenetic Films
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