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by Alain Corneau


The misadventures of an gangster who escapes from prison and who wants to quit the crime world. Having killed a criminal as pay-back, he goes to Marseille to head abroad with his girlfriend. But a lack of money forces him to accept a job, a hold-up, to settle accounts with the victim’s brother, all this with the cops on his tail.

original title: Le deuxième souffle
country: France
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Alain Corneau
release date: BE 24/10/2007, FR 24/10/2007
screenplay: José Giovanni
cast: Daniel Auteuil, Monica Bellucci, Michel Blanc, Jacques Dutronc, Eric Cantona
cinematography by: Yves Angelo
film editing: Marie-Josèphe Yoyotte
art director: Thierry Flamand
music: Bruno Coulais
producer: Michèle Pétin, Laurent Pétin
production: ARP Sélection, TF1 Studio Production, Canal+
distributor: ARP Sélection
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