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by István Szaladják


The encounter between a young peasant on his way to meet a summer love and a strange man, who is a cross between a pilgrim, homeless person and spiritual fanatic. Both discuss life, death and the meaning of sacrifice, opening the younger man’s eyes to a whole new world.

international title: Bird saviour, clouds and wind
original title: Madárszabadító, felho, szél
country: Hungary
sales agent: Inforg-M&M Film
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: István Szaladják
film run: 93'
release date: HU 24/11/2006
screenplay: István Szaladják
cast: Danyiil Oszipov, Robert Ovakimjan, Alexander Markov, Polja Vorobljova
cinematography by: Francisco Gózon
film editing: Ágnes Völler
costumes designer: Szilvia Ritter
producer: András Muhi
production: Inforg-M&M Film, Filmteam Kft.
distributor: Budapest Film
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