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by Angeliki Antoniou


Eduart, a young man who was brought up in a hard and oppressive family environment, leaves his country with the dream of becoming a rock singer and living a different life. The impulsiveness and the passions of his age lead him to an extreme crime: One night, with the ease of a man with no moral principles, he commits murder. Pursued by everyone, including himself, he is imprisoned under unbelievably harsh conditions. His acquaintance with a German doctor brings to the surface the guilt that was hidden deep inside him. Eduart confesses his crime and his deep remorse leads him from darkness to light. Like a modern-day Raskolnikov, he passes from crime to “punishment”, daring to cry out his guilt.

international title: Eduart
original title: Eduart
country: Greece, Germany
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Angeliki Antoniou
screenplay: Angeliki Antoniou, Angeliki Antoniou
cast: André Hennicke, Eshref Durmishi, Ndricim Xhera, Ermela Teli, Andrian Aziri, Manos Vacoussis, Marios Ioannou, Meletis Georgiadis
cinematography by: Jürgen Jürges
film editing: Takis Yannopoulos, Takis Yannopoulos
art director: Ioulia Stavridou, Ioulia Stavridou
costumes designer: Ioulia Stavridou
music: Minos Matsas, Costas Christidis
producer: Angeliki Antoniou, Kostas Lambropoulos, Jost Hering, Costas Lambropoulos
production: CL Productions, Jost Hering Filme, Le Spot S.A., ODEON S.A., Multichoice Hellas/NOVA (GR)
distributor: Odeon

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