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by Edoardo Winspeare


Lecce in the 1990s. Ignazio is a highly esteemed judge who has just returned to the city having worked in the north for many years. He sees Lucia again, the woman he has always secretly loved. She has a son with Infantino, one of biggest drug dealers in the area, and she works as a representative for a perfume company. But this is just a cover. Lucia has actually become the right hand woman of Carmine Zà, one of the bosses of the Sacra Corona Unita, the new criminal organisation that reached the apex of its power and ferocity in this period.

international title: Brave Men
original title: Galantuomini
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Edoardo Winspeare
screenplay: Edoardo Winspeare, Andrea Piva, Alessandro Valenti
cast: Fabrizio Gifuni, Donatella Finocchiaro
producer: Fabrizio Mosca, Tore Sansonetti
production: Acaba Produzioni, RAI Cinema, Sidecar Films & Tv
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