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by Ariel Rotter


A run of the mill, one-day business trip to the country becomes another journey: upon reaching his destination, Juan Desouza discovers that the man traveling at his side is dead. Secretly, almost like a game, he decides to adopt the dead man´s identity, inventing a profession for himself, finding a place to stay: the possibility of not returning.

international title: The Other
original title: El otro
country: Germany, Argentina, France
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Ariel Rotter
release date: FR 08/10/2008, ES 23/01/2009
screenplay: Ariel Rotter
cast: Julio Chavez, Osvaldo Bonet, Maria Oneto, Maria Ucedo, Ines Molina, Arturo Goetz
cinematography by: Marcelo Lavintman
film editing: Eliane Katz
art director: Aili Chen
costumes designer: Roberta Pesci
producer: Ariel Rotter, Verónica Cura
production: Celluloid Dreams, Selavy Productions, Aire Cine, Nisarga (AR)
backing: Fonds Sud Cinéma (FR), Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales, Fondo Vision Sudest (CH), World Cinema Fund (DE), Hubert Bals Fund (NL)
distributor: Tamasa Distribution, Pirámide Films (ES)
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