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by José María de Orbe


Noelia is not yet thirty. She lives in a Barcelona suburb. By night, she works in a petrol station. By day, she distributes advertising fliers to houses. She has no free time. Noelia quits her night job. She leaves the house she shares with Rosa. She never says goodbye to anyone. She leaves neither trail nor trace. She doesn’t look for or have any friends. Noelia is an anonymous character. Just another of the thousands of youngsters in the big city. Around her, Rosa, Lucas, the boss... All with their little conflicts, their little dreams, struggling to survive by the day.

original title: La línea recta
country: Spain
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: José María de Orbe
release date: ES 27/04/2007
screenplay: José María de Orbe, Daniel Vázquez
cast: Aina Calpe, Blanca Apilánez
cinematography by: David Valldepérez
film editing: Nuria Esquerra
music: Stuart Earl
producer: Jaime Rosales, Ricard Figueras
production: Fresdeval Films S.L., In Vitro Films S.A.
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