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by Raoul Ruiz


Once upon a time there was a man. He lived with his mother, and worked as the caretaker of a large country house in Chile. One day the man found a bone in the garden. The bone had holes in it - it was a flute. The man took the flute and began to play it. The music turned into a song, and the voice singing the song begged the man to look for the other bones of a body scattered here and there. So the man and his mother set off following every path - that of God and those of the devil -, looking for the bones so that they could put the skeleton of the Christian man back together again and give him a Christian burial. And they saw what they saw, and lived what they lived. Many a story. And although they never told their tale to anyone, others told it for them.

international title: La recta provincia
original title: La recta provincia
country: France, Chile
year: 2007
genre: fiction
directed by: Raoul Ruiz
film run: 140'
screenplay: Raoul Ruiz
cast: Bélgica Castro, Ignacio Aguero, Ángel Parra, Javiera Parra, Chamila Rodríguez
cinematography by: Inti Briones
film editing: Valeria Sarmiento, Béatrice Clerico
costumes designer: Lola Cabezas
music: Angel Parra
producer: Christian Aspèe
production: Margo Films, TVL (CL)
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