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by Toni D'Angelo


Salvatore, Annamaria, Alfonso and Riccardo, are forty-year-olds from a middle-class background; they are all originally from Naples but their jobs require them to live elsewhere. They return to their native city for the funeral of their dearest friend Antonio. After the wake for the deceased, they decide to have dinner together and from that moment onwards, the four of them start to talk about their lives and so begins the flow of memories, shared experiences and the process of taking stock of one another’s lives, lasting the entire night.

original title: Una notte
country: Italy
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Toni D'Angelo
release date: IT 14/03/2008
screenplay: Toni D'Angelo, Salvatore Sansone
cast: Riccardo Zinna, Nino D'Angelo, Luigi Iacuzio, Alfonso Postiglione, Stefania Troise, Salvatore Sansone
cinematography by: Rocco Marra
film editing: Letizia Caudullo
art director: Daniela Angelo, Carmine Guarino
costumes designer: Enzo Pirozzi
producer: Annamaria Gallo, Vincenzo D'Angelo, Donatella Palermo
backing: Campania Film Commission
distributor: DI.ELLE.O.
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