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by Péter Bacsó


The descent into hell of a young woman who is forced into prostitution by her boyfriend before being sent onto the streets by a pimp.

international title: Virtually a Virgin
original title: Majdnem szüz
country: Hungary
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Péter Bacsó
screenplay: Péter Bacsó
cast: Julia Ubrankoviсs, Ferenc Hujber, Attila Toth, Gergely Kaszás, György Cserhalmi, Sándor Lukács, Kati Lázár, Andrea Fullajtár
cinematography by: Tamás Andor
film editing: Manó Csillag
art director: Ágnes Menyhárt
costumes designer: János Breckl
producer: Gábor Kálomista, György Sánta
production: Megafilm
distributor: HungariCom
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