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by Stefano Tummolini


A summer morning, Salvatore looks the horizon of dunes, set against the blue sky. Beyond is the beach and an entire day to enjoy. A day full of unexpected events and, maybe, new possibilities, a new life.

international title: One Day In A Life
original title: Un altro pianeta
country: Italy
sales agent: Ripley's Film
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Stefano Tummolini
release date: IT 07/11/2008
screenplay: Stefano Tummolini, Antonio Merone
cast: Antonio Merone, Lucia Mascino, Francesco Grifoni, Chiara Francini, Tiziana Avarista, Saschat, Francesco Zecca
cinematography by: Raoul Torresi
film editing: Bruno Sarandrea
producer: Angelo Draicchio
production: Ripley’s Film
distributor: Ripley's Film
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