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by Ella Lemhagen


Ex-urbanites Sven and Goran are a married gay couple who relocate to a small town, a village really, to realize their dream of adopting a child. But neither they nor their plan are met with open arms. Some of the villagers are downright hostile, others just do their best to ignore them. But the happy couple are more than willing to soldier on, given the impending arrival. The truly nasty surprise is that the adoption agency, despite a lengthy approval process, cannot find a suitable international baby. Just when everything seems lost, news comes of a local candidate: Patrik, age 1.5. But when Patrik shows up, he is in fact fifteen, criminally delinquent and homophobic.

international title: Patrik Age 1.5
original title: Patrik 1,5
country: Sweden
sales agent: Svensk Filmindustri International
year: 2008
genre: fiction
directed by: Ella Lemhagen
film run: 100'
release date: SE 12/09/2008, FI 20/11/2008, NO 13/03/2009, FR 07/10/2009
screenplay: Ella Lemhagen
cast: Gustaf Skarsgård, Torkel Petersson, Tom Ljungman
cinematography by: Marek Wieser
film editing: Thomas Lagerman
music: Fredrik Emilson
producer: Tomas Michaelsson, Lars Blomgren
production: FilmLance International AB, Sonet Film AB, Film i Väst, Sveriges Television AB
distributor: Sonet Film AB, FS Film Oy (FI), SF Norge (NO), Equation (FR)
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